Trade and Markets East Africa (TradeMark East Africa – TMEA) is an East African not-for profit Company Limited by Guarantee established in 2010 to support the growth of trade - both regional and international - in East Africa. TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is focused on ensuring gains from trade result in tangible gains for East Africans.


    Fact Sheet

  • 30%Reduction in time for trucks crossing select borders.
    10-e 15-i
  • 10%Increase in value of exports from the EAC region.
    15-e 5-i
  • 25%Increase in intra-regional exports compared with total exports from the region.
    stats 25-i
  • 15%Reduction in average time to import/export a container from Mombasa or Dar to Burundi or Rwanda.
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