“Growing for (and with) the Business” by Susan Mukankubana

May 20, 2019

“Growing for (and with) the Business” by Susan Mukankubana


I was appointed as the managing director of Top Freight before I ever worked in the freight forwarding business or received any training in this business. I had no knowledge of clearing and forwarding, I had just completed my bachelor’s in marketing. We had few clients. I did not know how to advise them well and I had no confidence in my job. This also meant I was not able to manage my staff effectively or develop the business further by attracting new clients. I did not have enough to offer them. Customers often got the information they needed from other people (e.g. customs officials) because I was not able to provide everything they needed.

The owner of Top Freight suggested I should participate in the training, but I was also very interested to do so myself because I was driven to become better at my job and really excel in my position as managing director. The company offered to fund the course for me and I studied from June 2011 to January 2012. I learned a lot in this time, including technical knowledge about customs law, rules of origin, valuation procedures, and tariff classification and also customer care, business management, and ethics. I developed into a professional clearing agent and learned the skills to successfully manage, develop, and build this business.

Customers see me differently now. I had too little experience before and was not able to offer importers/exporters an effective and comprehensive service. But now I am. I can provide all the information my clients need accurately and with confidence and can advise them well. I have been able to really market our service and attract more clients for our company. The business has developed and is growing successfully. The training also made me like the business a lot more and take pride in it. I started as the managing director and have now bought shares in the business and am really committed to it.

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