UNBS and MIT improve testing

Desired Results

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) simplify and increase the transparency of import/ export procedures; producers improve the quality of products produced; bureau of standards staff and producers improve their understanding of standards and requirements. Together, the results will lead to the UNBS improving efficiency and effectiveness of testing.


Uganda currently lacks a National Standards and Quality Policy or a strategy to provide guidance and a coherent direction for the development of the national standards and quality infrastructure. Uganda has begun work on strengthening and promoting the use of quality standards and infrastructure through the SIDA and EU-funded Quality Infrastructure and Standards Programme (QUISP). Current funding indicates a deficit of €4m against a budget of €9m, out of which TMEA will be funding the amount of US$1.6m. The Ministry of Trade and Uganda National Bureau of Standards have expressed the importance for TMEA to work within existing mechanisms such as QUISP in supporting implementation of standards in Uganda.


Promote the use of standards and quality infrastructure so as to improve the competitiveness of Uganda’s products, processes and service delivery systems in domestic, regional and international markets. Key outputs;

  • National standards and quality policy adopted by Cabinet, implementation plan operationalized
  • Skills and knowledge enhanced • Laboratory equipment for UNBS procured and installed
  • The capacity of service providers enhanced
  • The capacity of standards agencies involved in standards development and enforcement enhanced
  • MTTI, UNBS and private sector agencies supported to effectively participate in the standards forum where rules and requirements are set.
  • Key stakeholders sensitised on quality and standards
  • Communications and awareness campaign to promote standards implemented.


TMEA will provide financial and technical support to the Uganda government through the Ministry of Trade and Uganda National Bureau of Standards for the Implementation of project.


Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives

Target Group

Importers and exporters, Manufacturers, Uganda National Bureau of Standards

Project Value

US$ 2,700,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2017


Moses Sabiiti, Email: moses.sabiiti@trademarkea.com

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