Support to the Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR)

Desired Results

OBR maximizes revenue collection


The Government of Burundi (GoB) established the Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) in 2010. GoB had originally commissioned GtZ and DFID to carry out a study on the modalities and potential benefits of establishing the OBR. Preparations for the OBR were informed by recommendations of the GtZ/DFID study. OBR represents a core part of GoB’s efforts to promote economic recovery, and to redevelop the country.Establishing a professional Revenue Authority (RA) and improving revenue collection are essential, to increase resources for economic and social development, to create a better business environment, and to integrate Burundi properly into the EAC.


The aim of the OBR Programme is to facilitate poverty reduction by improving revenue collection through modernized tax collection and customs administration in Burundi. Key outputs include:

  • OBR’s institutional structurestrengthened;
  • Enhanced operational efficiency of OBR to achieve a higher tax return for GoB;
  • A  modern, transparent taxation system is established;
  • Customs and tax officials’ capacity built.



TMEA will provide financial and technical assistance to GoBto establish a semi-autonomous RA, with efficient, modern operating structures and procedures; and to establish a more effective fiscal administration. Procurements and contracting will be done by TMEA.In this work, OBR will draw on assistance from projects of the World Bank, IMF, France, the EC, and the Investment Climate Facility for Africa


Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR)/Burundi Revenue Authority

Target Group

Importers, exporters, Burundian citizens

Project Value

US$ 31,500,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2016


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