State of East Africa research reports

Desired Results

Information and analysis that can be used by policy makers, civil society and the private sector to advocate their concerns and interests with respect to regional integration.


A political economy study by TMEA in 2006 found that policy-making in the EAC has failed effectively to engage the public in open debate. Whilst the EAC Treaty requires the involvement of PSOs and CSOs, it is unclear on entry points and frameworks for engagement. The key association representing the private sector at regional level is the East African Business Council with an embryonic East Africa CSO Forum seeking to represent civil society across the region. These institutions however are weak, lack long-term or comprehensive support, and are criticised for failing adequately to represent their constituencies.


There is a case for TMEA to support the two key apex institutions, and existing or new regional platforms to improve collaboration, facilitating fora for engagement with policy-makers and working with big business to implement strategies for joint action. Key outputs:

  • 2012 SoEAR research, analysis and peer review
  • Strategic and popular dialogue meetings on the SoEAR’s held with key stakeholders in all EAC partner states
  • Publishing and disseminating of State of the East Africa reports
  • Conceptualization of the SoEAR 2012-2014 reports
  • 2012 State of East Africa Report launched in all EAC partner states
  • Increased coverage of the 2013 SoEAR by print and social media


TMEA will provide the required technical and financial assistance to SID to conduct the research.


Society for International Development (SID)

Target Group

East African Citizens

Project Value

US$ 1,100,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2016


Gloria Atuheirwe,

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