Single Window Information for Trade (SWIFT) – Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board

Single Window Information for Trade (SWIFT) – Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board

Desired Results

Economic Operators and Trade agencies improve efficiency in execution of key trade processes, which will result into reduction of time and cost of trade.


Traders in the East African Community (EAC) currently spend numerous days visiting multiple government agencies in various locations to obtain regulatory information permits, trade licenses and clearance certificates to complete import and export processes. This results in huge costs and time loss for the traders. To counter these inefficiencies in trade facilitation, governments in the EAC have set up national Electronic Single Windows with revenue and port authorities, cross-border trade certification agencies and the private sector.


The Single Window Information For Trade (SWIFT) System (or Single Window) is a trade facilitation concept that enables international (cross-border) traders to submit regulatory documents at a single location and/or single entity. These documents typically include customs declarations, applications for import/export permits, and other supporting documents such as certificates of origin and trading invoices. Key expected results include;

  • Trade Agencies and Economic Operators increase compliance in the application and observance of trade procedures

Trade Agencies and Economic Operators improve competency in using the SWIFT


This project will design and develop an Information Management System that will enable ZFDB stakeholders’ access services online. A Content Management system will also be developed and this will be used to upload and update rules and regulations in regards to the requirements to be met in the registration and import and export of foods, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices into Zanzibar


Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board

Target Group

Importers and Exporters in East Africa

Project Value

US$ 150,000

Implementation Period

2015 - 2017


Michael Matheu, Email;

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