Port Reitz road

Desired Results

Expanded access/offtake for the Kipevu West Container Terminal which will in turn increase the capacity and efficiency at the Port of Mombasa


The single largest project currently underway at the Port of Mombasa is theconstruction of a new container terminal at Kipevu West. The project, which is scheduled to be completed in August 2016 is expected to greatly improve the capacity and efficiency of the Port by bringing on board an extra 19,940 passenger car units (CPU) capacity by 2018 being an increase from the 2,874 CPU recorded in 2014. To support access to the Kipevu West container terminal, The Government of Kenya is currently undertaking the construction of the Mombasa Southern By pass project which is expected to be completed by 2018. In the period preceding the completion of the by-pass, the Port Reitz Road will be crucial to the Kipevu West Container Terminal as it will be the only access to the new container terminal. A traffic survey undertaken by the Kenya National Highways Agency (KeNHA) in January 2014 demonstrates that the present infrastructure in the Port Reitz area will be inadequate to meet the increased traffic demand. The survey recommends urgent expansion of the Port Reitz road into a dual carriageway.


The project will expand Port Reitz Road from the Port Reitz Hospital Gate, (located approximately 200m past the Kipevu West Terminal access road) to the junction with the Airport Road., and the Moi International Airport Road from Changamwe roundabout.  Specifically, the project includes: 

a) Dualling and Improving the existing Port Reitz and Moi International Airport access roads covering 6.4Km length; 

b) Improving Traffic movement at Intersections including installing traffic lights and grading separated junctions; 

c) Installing road drainage facilities and sidewalks along Port Reitz road and Moi airport access roads on either side of the project roads; and

d) Installing road signs and markings.


TMEA is providing funding for the Mombasa Port project and is supporting KeNHA to implement the project on time and ensure quality.


Kenya National Highways Authority

Target Group

Transporters along the Northern Corridor

Project Value


Implementation Period

2014 - 2016


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