Burundi NTB National Monitoring Committee
Theory of change
Thematic area
  • Burundi NTB National Monitoring Committee

    The NMC Coordinator is fully operational; An NMC Strategy is elaborated and validated; and a National Action Plan is elaborated and implemented. Together this results will lead to strengthening of the NMC for the elimination of NTBs in Burundi

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  • Tunduma OSBP construction

    Tunduma OSBP construction

    Efficient border processing, improved knowledge and skills of border agencies and compliance with border procedures will reduce waiting times at the Tunduma border point. This will contribute to reducing trade costs in East Africa.

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  • Kagitumba OSBP IBM

    A reduction in the total average time it takes to clear cargo at the Kagitumba / Mira Hills border posts by 30 per cent, which will in turn contribute to reducing transport costs and increase in intra-regional and foreign trade in the East Africa.

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  • UNBS and MIT improve testing

    Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) simplify and increase the transparency of import/ export procedures; producers improve the quality of products produced; bureau of standards staff and producers improve their understanding of standards and requirements. Together, the results will lead to the UNBS improving efficiency and effectiveness of testing.

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  • SEATINI-Upgrading quality standards in agriculture for Uganda maize and sesame.

    % reduction in maize and sesame metric tonnes rejected at the borders that do not meet required quality.
    Directly targeted 700 farmers and indirectly targeted 55,000 farmer households aware of standards by June 2016.

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