One Stop Border Post at Taveta (Kenya) / Holili (Tanzania)

Desired Results

Improved physical border infrastructure will offer an alternative transportation route to northern Tanzania from Kenya and reduce the time that it takes to transport goods to and from Mombasa. This will contribute to reducing trade costs in East Africa..


To transport goods to Arusha and surrounds in northern Tanzania, vehicles currently must pass through the Namanga border. This route is considerably longer than the Taveta/Holili route. Operationalising the Taveta/Holili border is expected to increase with the construction of a new Voi-Arusha road passing through the two border points, stretching the capacity of the current infrastructure and operations and increase waiting time for import and export processing. Increased delays create costs for traders.


A one stop border post is being constructed at Taveta/Holili border points


TMEA is providing funding for the construction of the OSBP and is supporting the lead agencies to implement the project on time and ensure quality. This project is related to other TMEA projects that provide:

  • Improved IT infrastructure at the border post.
  • Harmonized working procedures on both sides of the border.
  • Training for border agency staff, freight forwarders and traders.


Tanzania Revenue Authority.

Target Group

Importers and Exporters

Project Value

US$ 4,915,302 - Taveta. US$ 4,007,498 - Holili. IBM US$ 600,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2011


Sjoerd Visser, Email:

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