One Stop Border Post at Mutukula (Uganda/Tanzania)

Desired Results

Improved physical border infrastructure, harmonized working procedures, faster customs processing and information sharing will reduce waiting times at the Mutukula border point. This will contribute to reducing trade costs in East Africa.


418 vehicles a day pass through the Mutukula border point, with trucks taking over a day on average to process through customs from Tanzania to Uganda. This delay imposes serious costs on traders. They must wait longer for their import or export, pay for the truck to wait at the border, risk perishable goods losing their value and manage unpredictable transport times.


A one stop border point is being constructed at the Mutukula border point. This project is related to other TMEA supported projects that provide:

  • Improved IT infrastructure at border post.
  • Harmonized working procedures on both sides of the border.
  • Training for border agency staff, freight forwarders and traders.


TMEA is providing funding for the construction of the OSBP and is supporting the lead agencies to implement the project on time and ensure quality. The project is implemented in coordination with other ongoing initiatives of the World Bank, JICA, USAID, the African Development Bank and the European Union.


The Uganda Revenue Authority and Tanzania Revenue Authority are the lead agencies for the implementation of this project.

Target Group

Importers and exporters in our target countries

Project Value

US$ 6,432,181 - Uganda. US$ 4,271,475 - Tanzania.

Implementation Period

2011 - 2017


Sjoerd Visser:

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