Logistics and Advocacy

Logistics and Advocacy

Desired Results

Improved Business Competitiveness through Efficient Trade Logistics Services


Logistics costs limit the competitive participation of a country in trade since the delivered costs of imports are higher, exports are less competitive and attraction for foreign direct investment is diminished. In Tanzania for instance, this is mainly due to poorly maintained rail and road infrastructure; inefficient operational processes and poor access to key transport hubs; overlaps in administrative processes and unclear management structure, and outdated processes and insufficient human resource capabilities. Therefore, TMEA intends to unlock the logistics potentials in the trade networks by addressing the key identified challenges to ensure improved Business Competitiveness.


TMEA’s interventions focus on reducing the cost and time of doing business in the region as well as expanding trade opportunities to enhance the business environment. This can be achieved through augmenting the capacity of the logistics sector along the trade networks in the country whose impact will be reflected across the region.

Key expected results include;

  • Tanzania’s logistics sector is efficient for improved trade services
  • Increased performance of the Transport Key National Result Area (KNRA) implementers
  • Improved engagement between the public and the private sector on freight logistics matters
  • Improved coordination of logistics stakeholders from the private sector


The logistics platform is the key mechanism through which the enhancing capacity of logistics players, adopting a strategy for logistics; implementing a monitoring mechanism for the strategy; improving coordination of logistics stakeholders and influencing policy will be handled.


Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF).

Target Group

Logistic sector group

Project Value

US$ 671,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2018


Elibariki Shammy, Email; elibariki.shammy@trademarkea.com

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