Advocacy and Monitoring of NTBs

Advocacy and Monitoring of NTBs

Desired Results

Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) which will contribute to reduction in transport costs along key corridors in East Africa


NTBs account for a significant proportion of the high transportation costs in the EAC which are estimated to limit intra-regional trade by approximately 15% [World Bank] and constitute significant limitations to foreign direct investment. The existing NTBs have also created a mechanism which funds government institutions and a culture which also includes the possibility of corruption. In Tanzania, foreign-registered cargo trucks are required to pay US$ 500 to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) on each entry, in addition to annual fees of $600. This makes eliminating NTBs one of the highest priorities for the EAC Secretariat and member states.


Elimination of NTBs. Key outputs include;

  • Businesses reduce the time required to transport goods on the Central Corridor
  • National Monitoring Committees remove NTBs
  • National Monitoring Committees and other government  agencies better informed on NTBs
  • Businesses reduce the time required to obtain  certificates of origin (CO)
  • TCCIA improves knowledge and capacity for advocacy

Efficient implementation of national and regional NTB mechanisms


TMEA will support TCCIA to develop SMS reporting mechanism for NTBs as well as development of online certificate of origin which will reduce the cost of doing business due to the time wasted in the physical movement, waiting time at the chamber offices for the certificates to be processed. It will also be through advocating and dialogue through National Monitoring Committee.


Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture - TCCIA

Target Group

Public and Private Sector group

Project Value

US$ 332,000

Implementation Period

2011 - 2017


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