Optimism is Rwanda’s growth secret, Kagame says

President Paul Kagame has said one of the most important lessons it drew from its development journey is optimism. He explained there are no insurmountable challenges for people who work together towards a common goal.

Kagame made the remarks on Tuesday as he addressed the 7th World Government Summit in Dubai.

The annual Summit has brought together over 4000 participants from 140 world countries including the Heads of States and Governments, International Organizations and different experts.

The Summit is dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.

Kagame said the United Arab Emirates is an inspiration to many countries including Rwanda, for its example of placing high value on people and the private sector to achieve remarkable result.

“You have shown the world how vision, leadership and good stewardship of natural resources transforms scarcity into prosperity,” Kagame said.

In the 7th World Goverment Summit, Rwanda was selected as the guest country.
“In the last 25 years in Rwanda, we have worked to build a new nation based on the values of unity and opportunity for all our citizens,” Kagame said.

“We have made significant progress over the years, but there is much more to do. However, none of this would have been possible without the right foundation,” he added.

Kagame explained that civic participation and the culture where leaders and institutions exist to respond to citizens’ expectations was key in this journey.

“This was complemented by a focus on civic participation and trust ensuring that everyone is included in shaping the country’s future,”Kagame said, adding that Bringing all Rwandans together in a common enterprise also meant guaranteeing the rights of those who were previously marginalised, particularly women.

“As a result of this social contract, the government has been able to simultaneously invest heavily in our human capital and also in ambitious infrastructure and technology for our future prosperity,” he revealed.

“Although the means available do not always match the scale of our ambitions, we have done our best to get the most out of the resources we do have and find creative ways to fill the gap,” he emphasized.

Kagame explained: “Good governance and accountability is central to everything we do. In Rwanda’s case, we are working to reverse a legacy of extreme corruption and division in our society that nearly completely destroyed our country.

“If there is one lesson from Rwanda’s experience, it is optimism. If Rwanda can make it to this point it means that there are no insurmountable challenges, provided that people work together towards a common goal,”Kagame said.