DRC Traders Urge JPM to Help Boost Dar Port

Dar es Salaam — Congolese business community which uses the Dar es Salaam port yesterday said they are optimistic that new President John Magufuli will use his experience in the transport sector to address challenges that traders have been encountering at the Dar es Salaam port. The Community of Congolese Businessmen in Tanzania (CCBT) chairman, Mr Mukendi Kabobu Kabobu, told The Citizen that they have confidence that Dr Magufuli can strengthen the relationship between Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). “The business community is optimistic that the problems we have been facing will be addressed under Dr Magufuli’s administration,” said Mr Kabobu.

DRC is the second country in the list of countries that use Dar es Salaam Port to import cargo prominently behind Zambia. Late last year during then minister for Transport Harrison Mwakyembe’s visit to the port CCBT asked him to extend the deadline for returning empty containers. They told the minister that 30 days weren’t enough for them to return empty containers due to the days that it takes a truck to transport a cargo to DRC and some delays that they encounter on the road.

Source: All Africa