‘The industry strengthens the sovereignty and strategic autonomy of a country,’ says Burundi head of state

In this three- day Regional Industrial Fair, an opportunity will also be given to a maximum of local and medium-sized local industries to create and establish lasting and reliable relations with the economic operators of the sub-region, according to Olivier Suguru the president of AIB

Burundi head of state, Pierre Nkurunziza was one of the guests of honor. In his opening speech, he said the industry supports not a group of people, but it also strengthens the sovereignty and strategic autonomy of a country.

In short, the industry allows daily progress in all areas of the life of a people; it is above all for the latter, a source of stories of success, stories of pride.

“In light of the foregoing, we are obliged to find all solutions to the problems that undermine the growth, innovation, and competitiveness of our industry.

“The theme chosen for this second industrial exhibition in Burundi, namely ‘Innovation, a determining factor in industrial competitiveness’, will undoubtedly serve as inspiration and food for thought.” President Nkurunziza said

Burundi with a tear-year national development plan

The president of Burundi emphasized in his speech that Burundi has just acquired its own National Development Plan that is stated to be the very first National Development Plan developed established by the Burundians themselves.

“The Ten Year Plan, which extends from the year 2018 to the year 2027, will now be a road map for all those who want to invest in Burundi or simply support us through different projects.” Said, President Pierre Nkurunziza

“As I have said, and I will never tire of reiterating it, Burundi will never accept, in any form, any assistance that might undermine our dignity, our sovereignty or undermine the human and cultural values ​​of Burundians.” He added

Burundi head of state recommended to the Ministry having the industry in its attributions to submit without delay to the Council of Ministers, the National Policy on industrialization based on the PND 2018-2027, without forgetting the sub-regional considerations in regard.

Establishment of an industrial platform

Burundi government is intending to establish an industrial platform that is favorable to employment and youths in general

“We want an industry that respects international environmental requirements on the one hand, and adds value to employment and economic growth on the other.” The president said

“To this end, we will never remain dangling; we will constantly ensure the realization of these collective aspirations.” He added