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Standards as an Enabler To Safe Trade

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There is a potential rise in food insecurity as COVID-19 pandemic continues disrupting supply chains. In East Africa, almost 70% of the population relies on Agriculture value chains. Agriculture producers, processors, traders, and logistics companies may face labour shortages resulting from social distancing rules. Farmers may not be compensated for their produce. Laborers will feel the impact most with loss of incomes due to introduction of physical distancing and consequent lockdowns leading to closure of many business which affects their ability to buy food.

It is imperative, that we adopt measures that help maintain access to food. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure safe food supply chains are kept alive, domestically, and internationally. As containment measures restrict workers from harvesting and handling crops, what can governments and private sector in EAC do to ensure supply of agriculture produce is not impacted? TMEA will host a thought-provoking chat with government ministers and industry players to explore solutions and measures that the private sector and governments can adopt. The discussion will take place on TEAMS with a live link on twitter.

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