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EAC To Have Forensic Laboratory Center

Security ministers from EAC recently agreed to establish a common forensic laboratory in Uganda, to ensure security through investigations. This was discussed in a recent security meeting between the EAC member states.
EAC secretary general Dr. Richard Sezibera, while addressing the ministers announced some of the agreed recommendations by the member states to create peace in the region.
“The forensic laboratory center will help strengthen national centers for investigation of crimes that threatens the bloc” Dr. Richard Sezibera, the Secretary General of the East African Community says.
He added that ministers also agreed on the issue that all member states to use EAPCCO motor vehicle certificate to prevent the crime of stolen cars that move around the region.
The forensic laboratory center will be only used mainly for investigation purposes of crimes committed in the region.
This will be supported by regional police chiefs and heads of CID’s in the EAC, by sharing information on issues related to security.
The ministers also requested the EAC secretariat to establish regional police officer’s office at the secretariat for the purposes of sharing regular security news in the region.
However on the issue of the fighting terrorism and illicit small and light weapons, EAC officials urged that all countries are participating in different ways to stabilize peace in Somalia.
Kenya, Burundi and Uganda are so far the only countries that have their soldiers in Somalia and both countries have already received terrorism threats from Alishababu militias.
However EAC S/G Sezibera told the media that other countries also train Somali police officers like Rwanda and Tanzania, which also contributes for security in the region.
Assistant minister for home affairs in Kenya, Beatrice Kones, says that As EAC countries should talk in one voice to fight against drug trafficking, human trafficking and border crimes.
She added that there’s need for police chiefs in EAC secretariat to share security information such that if anything like terrorism threats, police should prevent it before it harms people.
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